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Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Collection of Work on Show

I seek a place visually. Somewhere I can rest my eyes and soul in peace. A compelling vision that evokes a memory or will become a memory I can recall at will. In such a complicated and troubled world, I want to create a respite for a soul.  A place free of pain and strife that reminds us  of how little time we have to savour and enjoy.  I believe in surrounding oneself with functional and ornamental art that feeds the spirit. The ability to create and share those visions with others and hear the connection they make with someone else's soul is the ultimate satisfaction for me.

Even if we cannot travel in body, we can travel in spirit and imagination. Living in a world filled with infinite sights there is no shortage of visual inspiration, especially with the internet at our fingertips. That combined with the internal visions in my mind, I can create as long as I live. That self induced job security gives me comfort, buoyancy and the desire to create work to share in various configurations.

You are invited to my Spotlight show at the Alberta Craft Council for the month of March 2016. I created several pieces that stretched my style with technique and concepts. These pieces are from my Journey Collection. 

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