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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Mom..things left unsaid

Yesterday was a day that everyone dreads. The day they must lay a parent to rest and go through the preceedings of the day, the buriel, the memorial, the gathering reception.With great pain in my heart I gathered with family and friends to pay tribute to my Mom. This photo captures one Christmas when I sewed her a coat with the skills she taught me. She said she felt like a queen in her coat of many colours.I love the joyful look on her face.
I am truly blessed. I grew up in a "functional" family that is a tribute to my Mom and Dad's love for us all. I am the person I am because of them, and I am proud and blessed to have two sons who are a reflection of that devotion to family as well.
My Mom taught me so many skills that have helped my on my journey. Sewing, cooking, knitting, gardening, preserving, collecting. The list goes on... but she also taught me the other skills needed in, forgiveness, compassion, devotion and generousity.
She took the time to appreciate the world in which she lived. A Sunday drive was common as she drank in the wonders of nature and the country life she loved. She would tear up easily. Wether it was watching a sad news story, or holding a young animal or laughing till she was crying at Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball, but she always had a tissue at the ready, tucked into her waistband. This was part of her tenderness that I loved about her. She cared. She also always had her camera ready when she came to visit anyone. She loved having photos to share with anyone of how all her children and grandchildren were doing and I am so very grateful for all those photos she took when I was to too "busy" to capture life with my own camera.Those photos are vital to history and to capturing life as we knew it.
We were her life...she was a mother at heart. Yesterday the pastor talked of leading a life that was significant, which is different than having a successful life. Mom's life was successful too though, because she was so significant to my siblings, our spouses, her granchildren and friends throughout her life.
Growing up, we all seem to want to stand alone and struggle with our parents to assert our independence. Despite my age and my ability to stand alone, I can't help but feeling my net has been pulled out from under me and now I must truly fly by myself. But I do so now with the skills she provided me with as a loving mother.
I thank her ...and I miss her with all my heart...