The life and work of artist, farmer, Golden Retriever breeder,etc.... Lisa Head Harbidge

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Day!

Its a new day again. Change is inevitable in our lives and how we accept it is up to us. When on the edge of a cliff, do we choose to fall or learn to fly?
The change of sky this morning was a welcome change from yesterday's photo of the morning. Other things have not changed...still cold and I still need to fill the bird feeder!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Spring In Winter!

This was the morning I greeted! Cold but beautiful! Then I walked out to the sheep pen...and this is what greeted me!

This is of course after I settled the boys into the barn with their Mom and put their new wool warming coats on. These lambs are from our herd of St. Croix and Dorper cross sheep. These sheep shed their hair fleece in the spring (NO SHEARING :)) This flock was supposed to be lambing earlier in the year according to the man we purchased them from...This girl is only the beginning of our first winter lambing...and I mean winter...-17C this morning. So I had these real wool pillowcases that I really didn't like as pillowcases, and fashioned some real wool coats for my wool-less lambs...ironic. Actually the lambs were fairing pretty well when I found them and and a good deal of hair coat to them..but this will boost their ability to withstand the cold. And lambs are still just as charming in November as May! Can hardly wait to see them springing around the pen...

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Spirit knows what we need and when if we are open to it.
Today I met a very kind 75 year old man who had the table beside me at the annual arts and crafts guild sale. It was both our first time for doing this sale, so we put our chairs side by side and chatted when we could. He was a horseman and made stunning, highly crafted horsehair belts, hat bands etc. He had to press the base of his neck to talk as the doctors had removed his voicebox in a 9 hour operation. He is now 2 years cancer free, that was at stage 4. Over the course of the day he and his 20ish granddaughter told me of his experience with the doctors and procedures at the U of A and the Cross Hospital in Edmonton, where Mom will be going for treatment of pancreatic cancer that was confirmed yesterday.They offered comfort and reassurance of the quality of care and support he received. He now walks a mile a day, rides and is planning next years sales where he can sell his work. He was inspiring.Any success of the sale, whether sales or promotion didn't matter one bit by the end of the sale. My day was important for many other reasons. Thank you Spirit.

Gibson's Good Looks Payoff!

Gibson was a handsome puppy from our Loma/Falco litter two years ago. He was adopted by Carrie Bottomley and her family and thanks to Carrie's skills as a photographer, Gibson has been earning his keep as model! This is a picture of him as a puppy, but if you check this week's Zeller's flyer, Gibson is pictured on the front page with Carrie's daughter as a TV picture insert! Great photo!Very cool!!