The life and work of artist, farmer, Golden Retriever breeder,etc.... Lisa Head Harbidge

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We had two bottle lambs this year and they bonded with our Golden Retrievers to the point that they would nap together and when they would go running off after something in the yard off the lambs would run too. Wish I'd had a video of that. This is Ember sleeping with the little one. I found a home for both on Sunday where they get a whole pasture to eat down on their own.

Arucana Hatching

A lady I met provided me with Arucana eggs, but unfortunately my hens were not broody enough, so we had to build an incubator. We used a filing cabinet and other than not really being able to keep the humidity up enough it works pretty good. All the eggs are various shades of robins egg blue. Isn't nature beautiful! Now we are just waiting and of course checking the temp and humidity all the time (which is a family project, since we put the incubator in the bathroom!) and turning the eggs several times a day too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Up & Moving

Well after an unusual painful illness wiped me out in March, I am finally up & running and just about back up to speed. Never ever take your health for granted. Without good health you are nowhere and can be really miserable ;)
I am pleased to say we have managed to breed our two Golden Retriever girls, Kiss & Loma & are looking forward to confirmation of pregnancy! I have been working on the website and trying to round up previous buyers of our pups to get updates and pictures to keep us informed on the performance of our breeding program.
I wish spring would come! It has been bitterly cold and hard to get enthused about anthing outdoors, so I have started seeds this week to try and bring hope to my green thumb that is very blue right now!
I also need to get back to the studio, I am quite behind. I am also in the midst of finishing up a show jump to sell.
Lots of other things on the go...never dull around here, that's for sure.