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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pigs Are Smart!!

Last week I watched an excellent documentary on pigs done by National Geographic. I learned so much about these animals and while I knew they are said to be very intelligent, I was surprised by the research and testing that shows just how smart they are. These animals are capable of lateral thinking (I know many teenagers who are not capable of this!), the piglets always nurse from the same teat on the mother, and the skull of the animal actually changes depending on wether living in captivity or the wild! Just to mention a few facts. Nature is truly wonderous and mysterious and never to be underestimated! These are pictures of "Socks" & "Speckle", our 2 piglets we are raising this year. This is the second time we have raised pigs, and I think of all the animals I have worked with, pigs are the most interesting, entertaining, funny creatures. Everyone always says you shouldn't name something you will eat, however, I believe they deserve a name. It is respectful of them and a reminder of respecting all life, no matter what the purpose.